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Ecommerce - November 20, 2018

Top 10 Tips To Get Your Store Ready For Christmas

There are only six weeks left until Christmas! Is your store ready? Here at Rival we have compiled a list of tips to get you sorted for the silly season. Tip #1: Make sure you have enough stock You don’t want to run out of a popular item and have customers frustrated at not being… Read more »

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EcommerceMarketingTips - November 2, 2018

Integrating Social Into Your Website

How many of you have a social media account? How often do you login?

Now, think about your business. What if you were able to utilise this platform to increase exposure, target customers specifically, create more revenue? The possibilities are endless!

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Ecommerce - October 31, 2018

The Rise of Pay Later

The phenomenon of buying now, paying later is growing. So what is the benefit for retailers you may ask?

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Magento - October 22, 2018

Magento Previews, Sales and Advertising Channels

Magento Sales Channel is a built-in multi-channel solution where you can integrate your catalogue with Amazon and manage all tasks from the Magento Admin panel.

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Magento - October 19, 2018

What’s new in Magento 2.3?

The list below shows some of the key features clients will notice following an upgrade to the new version.

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EcommerceMagento - October 18, 2018

Using Algolia to Deliver Better Search

How many times have you used a websites search and found the product results irrelevant, disappointing or totally unrelated?

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Web Culture - October 10, 2018

Taking Advantage of Custom Fit Technology

How easy would it be to find custom fit clothing and never have to leave your home or workplace do to so? Every item tailor made to your body shape, no sizing issues ever?

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EcommerceMagento - October 4, 2018

Magento 1 end of life – Magento 2 is the future

Have you heard the announcement? Magento will stop providing support & security updates to Magento 1 after June 2020.

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HostingMagento - September 28, 2018

Why a firewall is essential to your Magento security

Hackers aren’t fussy. If there is a way to access your website, they will. Personal information and payment details are extremely attractive to hackers. Lack of security can compromise the integrity of your site. However, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening. If your site is new or established, ensure it… Read more »

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Ecommerce - September 24, 2018

How Yotpo can boost your store reviews

Happy customers are repeat customers. Repeat customers drive revenue. But how do you find out if a customer is satisfied with your product?

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