It’s easy to forget in this era of the digital age, that a little customer service goes a long way.

What does this mean exactly?

Well, ask yourself this- if you want to engage and sustain a relationship with your customers, how will you go about it?

Research shows customers are more likely to return to an online store if they receive communication via email (as opposed to a phone call or text message). It’s a flexible and universal messaging medium. Email allows a business to send a longer, targeted message to their clients, whichever stage of the buying cycle they are in.

Here are some clever ways in which you can attract and retain customers via email:

  • Welcome email- this can be sent as soon as a customer subscribes to your site or makes a purchase. Keep it short and sweet. You are simply confirming they have ‘opted-in’ to receiving communication from your business. If you want to extend it further, consider offering a discount/free trial or a reminder to follow the business on social media
  • Abandoned cart reminders- perhaps the customer was unsure about their purchase, or they decided to look elsewhere for a cheaper version of the product. You can send a gentle reminder for them to complete their purchase (prompting them to reconsider)
  • Ask for feedback- send customers a short survey asking for their opinion on their online shopping experience. Offer an incentive for their time in doing so (e.g. discount off their next purchase etc)
  • Upsell/personalisation email- let your customers know you are thinking about them by sending an email with similar products to the one they just purchased, encouraging them to return to your store. You can also offer an incentive such as free shipping if they return to make another purchase
  • Updates and new information- customers like to be informed of upcoming products and promotions ahead of time (it gives them a chance to plan their purchase and be ‘first in the know’ before the general public). Use segmented lists to send announcements which are relevant to your customers and chances are, the will re-visit your store and make a new purchase sooner than if they were not contacted.

It’s important to remember follow up emails do require a little more effort from a business perspective and finding the balance between sending too many and not enough is key. However, once this has been implemented, the rewards speak for themselves- happy customers who feel engaged and are likely to be frequent visitors to your store (and positively recommend your business to others).

If you have any questions or what to find out more, please contact us at Rival and we will walk you through the process step by step!