Do you blog? Maybe you’re an avid reader of blogs? Perhaps you have no idea of what a blog even looks like? Regardless of your feelings about blogs, they are here to stay and they are becoming a major tool in the world of online business as well.

In their earliest formats most blogs were oriented entirely towards the personal. Someone had a particular message, interesting perspective, or the simple desire to share their opinion with the world, and the affordable blog was the ideal tool. Today, blogs have been transformed into extremely glamorous and complex entities in which people interact like never before.

If you have a website, you really should incorporate a blog that gives your visitors or clients something to “follow” and which provides material related to, but never a duplicate of, the content in the actual site.

Why? Blogs are considered a good way to use keywords for SEO campaigns, but they are also very effective for boosting search engine results when they are shared through back links and link exchanges too.

The Importance of the Blog

Let’s first look at the ways that blogs can use your chosen keywords to improve the performance or to increase the traffic headed to your website by using an illustration:

Okay, you have a website that sells gourmet cookies. You have a dedicated following, but you know that you should be doing a lot more online business. Instead of sinking all of your available capital into traditional online advertising efforts, why not consider contacting your website administrator (or doing this yourself if you run the site) to add a new blog page. This should have a good graphic link or text box on the home page, and it should be related to the cookies and foods that you are trying to sell.

For this example, let’s say that you have introduced a line of cookies that can be made into a “lollipop” format and decorated for special events. You could draft a blog about the newest party favors, and mention the keywords you have determined to be the best for your needs in promoting these cookies/pops. You would also be able to post links about this blog on your social networking sites too.

What would this accomplish? The appearance of the keywords on your site boosts SEO performance, and the number of times that people use the link and repost the information to their website, social networking sites, or their own blogs also increases your SEO results too. This is because most search engines view these “link backs” as another page on your site! So, every blog reader becomes a potential “re-poster” of your information and a new way to attract attention and traffic to the site.

All you had to do was compose the short blog about something unique and yet related directly to your site!

The Future of the Blog

As we already mentioned, blogs are truly here to stay. The thing about them is that they are quite likely to continue to change as we head into the future. Some blogs are tremendously interactive or full of an array of media. For example, one person can have a blog with links to all of their other blogs, embedded video and audio, loads of graphics, and links to other relevant or supporting blogs too. All of these things boost the value of the blog and help to expand readership – meaning an ever-increasing audience for the website too!