Magento Enterprise 2.1 has been released with numerous fixes and enhancements. These include:

  • Content Staging & Preview: A very powerful feature allowing store owners to stage and preview content changes to the site before they go live. This has  potential to increase productivity by allowing weeks of content updates to be scheduled in advance.
  • Elasticsearch: The new cutting edge search technology that is replacing the existing Solr search in Magento Enterprise.  The new search is easier to setup and scales to support large catalogs with ease. It also supports 33 languages and has support for a range of user defined stop words.
  • PayPal In-context: The new paypal in context checkout helps increase conversion rate by allowing shoppers to checkout with PayPal without leaving the merchants site. PayPal also helps with credibility and allows merchants to securely store credit card details.
  • Braintree Hosted Fields: Securely collect sensitive payment information and qualify for PCI compliance.
  • Improved interfaces: make it faster and easier to search for information in the Admin, set up global search synonyms, and create new product, category, and CMS content.

The release also includes many security enhancements to further protect your store and defend against further attacks.

Full release notes can be found here