Probably one of the biggest issues for email marketing and transactional emails is client support. Gmail has today announced that coming late September – Gmail clients will support responsive emails!

What does this mean? Well traditionally when responsive emails are opened in the Gmail client – they would not actually listen to the responsive code defined by the sender. With the upcoming changes, marketers will be able to define how an email should look and feel on the smaller screen sizes (see Googles example below). Having the emails respond to the mobile screen sizes is the missing component in a truely responsive mobile experience for ecommerce websites.


There are already a variety of mobile clients (like Apple Safari)  which either support or partially support mobile responsive emails, however given the popularity of the Gmail client – this can only be seen as a big step forward for the mobile web.

Responsive emails have been gaining in popularity over the last few years, along with the comeback of elements such as animated GIFS and large image format email designs. Each of these being used to enhance the customers experience and create brand awareness and unique visual appeal.

Google says that the new changes should be deployed to clients by the end of September. If you have been sitting on the fence about mobile responsive transactional emails and email marketing – now might be a good time to speak with us to complete your truly mobile experience.