Once a customer has a made a purchase, does the transaction stop there?


There are ways in which you can create excitement for your customers throughout the shipping process, which in turn will encourage them to return to your store to make future purchases-

  • Offer free shipping for first time customers (create a coupon to redeem via online store only, is a great incentive for those who have never shopped with you before)
  • Free shipping for a set period of time (this creates urgency, giving customers the opportunity to stock up on items before the set period ends)
  • Consider your packaging (customers like to receive items in fun and exciting ways, so think about changing the packing materials for something that fits your brand and stands out from the rest- this recognition will set you apart from other businesses and may be more valuable than the actual sale itself)
  • Include a thank you note (include a personalised thank you to your customers. It is often unexpected and will be well received, as it shows your kindness and consideration towards your customers)
  • Surprise gifts (if you have a promotion coming up, why not include a sample product? Or a discount code for the next purchase? Customers love to receive an extra little something with their package and chances are, they will jump straight online to leave positive feedback or make a second purchase soon after!)

For more great ways in which your business can be innovative with shipping speak with us at Rival today!