When you are designing your website you start with a lot of different components and “must haves”. For example, most people stop to think about the various pages that they absolutely must have. They also consider the SEO (search engine optimization) that they will incorporate throughout the site. Many think about the “extras” such as videos, social networking links, and content designed to “convert” their traffic into paying customers or repeat visitors.

What about the images, graphics or photographs in the site? Don’t think for one instant that a modern consumer out “surfing” the web will be content or impressed by a website devoid of graphics. There was once a time when a site could use a solid background or one with a bit of texture and color, some blocks of text, and little else. Today, such a site would be viewed as frighteningly primitive and far too basic to appeal to the current esthetic expectations of most web traffic.

This means that excellent photography is an absolutely essential factor in website design. Naturally, the next question becomes “what kinds of photographs should we use?” This is a question that is a bit challenging to answer because it is difficult to know the right images until you have your basic website design in place.

Photographic Placement is Essential

Why is that? Consider that you need a website to be easy to navigate, and if you position too many photographs in places that distract the visitor’s eye, they actually decrease the navigability of the content. So, this means that selecting the right images begins with choosing the best places to locate them on the page.

After that step you can move on to the content of the page, and what sorts of images are relevant. For example, you might be in the process of designing your website for a swimming pool company. When scouting around for water images you found a great stock image of a lake at sunrise. While it is compelling to you, it is not appropriate for your site. Select images that are engaging in this way, but also directly related to your business.

This could mean that you find yourself using a combination of images of your own along with those from the different “stock” photography sites in order to satisfy your need for high-quality images. Snapping your own saves money, but if you are a very amateur photographer it will pay to invest in the stock photographs instead.

The Right Images

Let’s use an example of a basic “business” website to illustrate the importance of high-quality shots. In this business site, the focus is on consulting services. Now, you could choose a group portrait of the staff in the company’s headquarters to serve as a “header” or focal point. That would be okay, but it might be better to visually “link” the idea of success (which is the goal of the consulting services) to the content.

A great stock site will have a search engine, and if you type in “success in business” you will be directed to some phenomenal images. This is the primary reason that you will want to consider professional, and affordable, photographs from stock sites.

The other reason to use these sites is because they can provide you with the photographs that match the “concepts” you have identified as the primary message for the page or website, and that will make a positive impression on all visitors.

Platforms like Magneto ecommerce support multiple images for each product on your ecommerce website but it is important to choose crisp, clean, vibrant photographs to really sell your products.  Rival can help you with your Ecommerce Photography and Magento Ecommerce needs!